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INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE uses the arts as an educational tool to empower people to become instruments of transformative change in their own lives

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July 2018: Thanks to the success and impact of our 2017 Lullaby Project, as well as an outpouring of generosity from our benefit attendees, we are thrilled to announce that we are able to run the second iteration of our project. Again, again in partnership with the YWCA, we will start working with a group of diverse new mothers on July 11th. Stay tuned as this project evolves. And in case you missed it, here's last year's FRONT PAGE Vancouver Sun story about our program: Blue Energie CARTER Blue Energie Grey Energie Grey CARTER BPTqxwg0P
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It's been a season of impressive year-end shows, with Women Rock showing their stuff at the Carnegie Centre, and 28 Stick Together youth grooving in sync at our new home, Henderson Elementary: Blue 2018 Home City Man 2017 Ladies Nike Shirt xU0TBRwpq

May 2018: Excitingly, our Street Beats Wall will live on, as the Skookum Festival has just purchased it for their Kids Zone at their September Stanley Park event.
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February 2018:
On January 31st, at the intersection of Main & Hastings, nearly 300 Instruments of Change supporters, friends and artists joined us to celebrate our co-creative activities in community.  And as they became co-creators themselves, they mingled their words on screen with clever limericks and poems; they moved their bodies to stimulate Ninth Node's incredible installation piece; they enthusiastically brought their hands together for our amazing roster of mash-up performances; and they reached into their hearts and pockets to raise a whopping $70,000 for our programs. So, as usual, we are left humbled and enormously grateful.  And we look forward to keeping you posted about all of the artful activities we will continue thanks to your support.
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Our Vision

Instruments of Change uses the arts as an educational tool to empower people to become instruments of transformative change in their own lives. By expanding community access to cultural activities, we allow diverse populations the opportunity to make and experience music and art.

2018 Polo 2019 Green Shirt Originals Cotton adidas Germany Through our arts-based community development projects, which serve schools, hospices, shelters, community centres and prisons, we create synergetic experiences that give both our facilitating artists and our participants a means of expression to find their authentic voice using a variety of artistic modes.


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Our Objectives

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-To bring music and art to the broadest possible demographic, allowing people the chance to experience, make and do art themselves.

-To connect and impact the creators and audience of our art by enabling participants to become agents of change in their own lives through the act of collective art making.

-To advocate for the value of the arts by illustrating their broad-reaching benefits through our projects, performances, and stories.

-To create a sustainable organization, using diversified funding strategies and by developing numerous community partnerships.


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Our Pledge

CREATE meaningful music performances,
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FACILITATE social change through collaborative art making

EDUCATE youth, audiences, artists and communities

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adidas Originals Shirt 2018 Germany 2019 Polo Cotton Green 2018 Polo adidas Cotton Green Shirt Originals Germany 2019 COLLABORATE with artists, communities, and change makers

ADVOCATE for the arts, youth, and human rights

PARTICIPATE inclusively in local culture

CELEBRATE community, music, art, and Vancouver

INNOVATE sustainable funding strategies and relationship building tools

COMMUNICATE through a variety of artistic mediums

CURATE music and art for all



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They were nothing more than people, by themselves…
but all together, they have become the heart and
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muscles and mind of something perilous and new,
something strange and growing and great.
Together, all together, they are the instruments of change.

-Keri Hulme, The Bone People


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